Hope you are all safe, well and managing with the restrictions we seem to have acquired over the last few months.

In all the decades of my long career as a psychic medium, I have never not travelled to meet my lovely clients, friends and new folk.
Meeting people from all over world making me feel privileged to appreciate the different walks of life we now have in Great Britain.  We are so cosmopolitan it is without doubt a different energy to when I first began my study of the spiritualist movement.
We will recover from these strange times I can promise you, maybe with a slightly different way of life, and who knows some of us can certainly manage without a few of the fixes we have become used to in the past taking them for granted.
During the pandemic telephone consultations have become more popular than ever with folk from all over the world contacting me to find out what is happening  to them in this weird period of living.  Calls arriving from as far as Canada  or as close as round the corner, from Belgium to Burton on Trent.
I realised the determination, spirit and creativeness in these amazing beings will go on shining through no matter what.
A difficult period all over the world but most human beings will survive, thrive and win learning all is not lost.  This is our world, each one of us the custodian of a living planet that requires Respect, Honour and Love at all times.
Natural healing is becoming more and more into its own,  people are learning to carry out healing to themselves.  Whilst the NHS is invaluable and saves 1000’s of lives we can also help our spirit, mind and body through meditation, yoga, reiki and other spiritual practices.
Also just as important as medication and sleep is giggles, yes giggles, our bodies love it, it is a complete tonic for them.
Each day I am aware to find something to give me a giggle and more often than not it is my little dog Beau.  At the age of six his antics are just as amusing as when he was a puppy.
He is a Taurean and every  bit just like his star sign, ‘chaos’  plus like many male Taureans  oh so loving plus he thoroughly enjoys a supper usually around 10.00pm just before toddling off to  his bed.
I do believe many therapists strongly believe our animals keep us young and healthy mine certainly does.

Love and Laughter to you all.
Rich Blessings

Patricia xx

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