5th Post: Hello to all my lovely Clients, Friends and New Folk Searching for the first time on this website.

Hello to all my Friends, Clients and Colleagues that I have not been able to see over the last twelve months.

Little Beau

Wow what a time we have had, I can hardly believe the experience has been around for such a very long time. My heart goes out to those of you that have lost loved ones through

the pandemic.  I cannot begin to imagine just how much worry, stress and grief can be coped with in these difficult times. Love, light and healing I send to all of you both here and overseas. One of the things that has kept me going is my gorgeous little dog Beau. Many of you have met him over the years at events and of course when coming to my home.

Like many of your dogs and other furry friends Beau is cherished and spoilt rotten like I expect yours are too. He is my best friend, play mate and keeps all my secrets.  He is all of these rolled into one.  It’s almost as though they know we have been suffering mentally for months on end. All these beautiful creatures have a unique healing ability helping us to ‘feel better’ loved and needed throughout difficult periods.

Even a wee small hamster known as’Bluebell’ has an amazing way of helping my autistic son through a time of depression. Her antics are so funny and entertaining, especially when she decides to ‘beat up’ the whole of her cage.  Ewan can sit watching for hours which brings such a calmness to him like nothing else. Their loyalty, love and compliance can teach us many lessons to put into practice in our own lives, loves and homes. It also helps us to reside on a healthier planet with more honesty, humbleness and most of all laughter.
At last we are beginning to get back to a normality of some sort with events beginning to take shape. Little One’s which are cosy and comfortable being a great way to be introduced to a spiritual experience plus a lovely  way of getting to know us all , perhaps finding an alternative side of life.  The larger events like Elsecae or Chesterfield are quite different and can literally take your breath away.  Free Talks, exhibitors that have come from far and wide. Should you wish to see me at one of these wonderful locations just email, phone or text enabling you to book in making sure you will not be disappointed on arrival finding me fully booked. I really look forward to meeting many of you soon.

Patricia xx
and of course Little Beau

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