ALL Consultations can now be recorded onto CD

Patricia gives “one to one” consultations and the following are available:

The Crystal Ball (known as scrying) – is achieved by pure clairvoyance and can go backwards and forwards. It can sometimes even show past lives or future lives. It can describe the most minute of detail, which can be “mind blowing”, or it can show unknown information for the future. The more you relax, the more the Crystal will reveal.

Psychometry – you will be required to give Patricia an item of jewellery or a watch. From this she will be able to interpret your life, your loves, or your career.

Tarot – a consultation with the Tarot will take you over the next twelve months, each month giving a full insight into the forthcoming developments in your life.

Mediumship – Mediumship is communicating with loved ones that have passed from the earth plane onto the spirit plane. Patricia developed this gift whist in Boston U.S.A. approximately 30 years ago. Since then she has helped thousands of people all over the world, putting folk in touch with each other, bringing together the two worlds of existence. As Patricia says “there is no such thing as death, just a different way of living”.

“All we know is that it works, and is amazingly accurate”

Telephone consultations are also available, if you cannot see Patricia personally.

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