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Throughout her long career as a Medium, Clairvoyant and Psychic, Patricia has been helping souls both in the UK and overseas with her unbelievably accurate telephone consultations.

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Distance is no object whatsoever. Patricia has telephone clients as far away as United States, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Italy, Spain, U.K. and Ireland, just to mention a few locations.

Many people ask ‘How can these possibly work?’ and as Patricia states  –  “It’s simple. I just tune in. Sometimes it’s easier without the client sitting opposite, as there are no distractions. For instance, clothes, jewellery and make-up can sometimes hide what the person is really like. With just the voice to go by, telephone readings are pure clairvoyance.”

The voice box is one of the most psychic energy points of the body and much information can be revealed when speaking to Patricia. You can also find out about loved ones “passed over”, family living here on the planet, personal relationships, career and much, much more. The complete consultation will be recorded onto CD and forwarded to an address of your choice.

Hundreds of people choose this way to gain the spiritual help they require which also carries a terrific amount of healing from Patricia to you, and those you love.

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