Patricia was born at Willersley Castle, close to Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire, on a cold November evening – hence her star sign of “Scorpio”. Being born with the gift of “Vision” she always had “spirit children” to play with, and very rarely chose human youngsters as friends. By the time she was eleven she had experienced many meetings with her “guides”. “ISHEA”, a North American Indian, is her main guide plus an Irish jockey by the name of “Patrick”.

Patricia has travelled to many parts of the world with her work, including U.S.A., France, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Canary Islands and Sweden – to name but a few. She has also made many appearances on TV and Radio throughout Europe and has many clients including some very well known and famous people.

Patricia sees everything she predicts in “visionary form” given to her by a higher force, and although she works in a type of trance this is not at all noticeable to clients. All souls are treated with the same kind of love and understanding only a spiritually aware person can give.

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