Patricia’s Talisman

Patricia’s jewellery is at long last coming back on the market, by client’s request!

This stunning Talisman will always protect you. The design was given to Patricia through guided meditation. Each one is individually hand made by a Scottish jewellery designer.

It represents the three pyramids of Egypt:

The middle one being this life

The one to the left, being all your past lives. And the one to the right, your lives to come.

Of course none of these lives can take place without the Sun, which has been created behind the main pyramids energising this lifetime.



.Many of my clients have stated they feel so different when wearing the Talisman. Below are a few testimonials:

“I bought three of these beautiful Talismans, one for my husband, one for my son and one for myself. It was amazing! Immediately we were uplifted, as though some special force had taken over allowing us to attract all the goodness life can offer. Im going to buy another one for my sister!” – Gussy, Egypt.

“After the two day workshop, I purchased a gold Talisman and wow, the energy was unbelievable! I firmly believe I attracted my wonderful new husband through your Talisman. Thank you Patricia.” – Wendy, London.

“We met on your workshop and we both wear the Talisman and are now getting married. We never take them off.” – Paul & Sheila, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

“I not only purchased the Talisman, but the earrings and the bracelet! Since wearing them we have attracted more wealth than we can cope with. My health has improved, and we have finally moved to Lincolnshire. Many thanks Spirit.” – Sheila, Lincolnshire.

These are just a few comments by people from all over the world who are wearing Patricia’s Talisman. Many folk see it as an angel, protecting them from adversity & the central pyramid being the body of the angel and the two pyramids either side being the angels wings with the Sun being the angel’s head. Both silver and gold look stunning as they shimmer in the sunlight, protecting their owner at all times.

Love and Light – Patricia

For further details of how to purchase Patricia’s Talisman please telephone Patricia or email her.

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