Testimonials from many satisfied clients from around the world, across decades…

A lovely consultation and extremely accurate.” Jane, Sheffield

Amazing, so enjoyable, lovely speaking with you once again.” Sandra, Yorkshire

You always give me hope to carry on, plus wonderful communication with my dear friend.” Elaine, Plymouth

So impressed with the reading you gave me at Buxton. Will recommend you to my friends.” Karen, USA

Yet again, fantastic help and accuracy. Thank you.” Eileen, Derbyshire

You are a wonderful person who has given so much proof of my father’s survival.” Elaine, Derbyshire

I trust you so much. Your accurate guidance has given me so much confidence to move forward.” Usha, Watford.

 “Patricia, I have been seeing you for over twenty years now and still am amazed at your compassion, humility and love as well as your unbelievable accuracy.” Elizabeth, Derby

“What would I do without you?” Ghazala, Nottingham

“I loved your workshop and will attend many more in the future. I’ll speak with you on the phone later for my telephone consultation.” Liz, Hertfordshire

“All my family have seen you over the years and still are highly impressed by your true professionalism including my future son-in-law. Thank you so much.” Suresh, Leicester

“After my past life reading which was so revealing I would like to book my mum in for her birthday please.” Anna, Derby

“Thanks for being there for me whilst I was in New Zealand. You’ve been my rock for the last thirty years helping me through many, many situations. Speak soon.” Linda, Stamford


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