Letters from clients who have attended workshops

Read letters from some of the clients who have attended the workshops below.


  • Dear Patricia,

    Thank you very much for such an amazing work shop. To be honest I was a bit sceptical before the weekend started but by the time I left on Sunday afternoon everything had changed. I felt so different, so very uplifted (having arrived on Saturday morning quite depressed), positive and full of energy. My whole outlook on life and my way of thinking has changed completely. I am happier than ever with myself and look at things that have happened in my life in a different light. I am not sure whether it was your teachings or the beautiful silver talisman I bought, all I know is that from the moment I put it around my neck I felt better. I think it was a combination of both. I still read my notes every night and repeat the affirmations daily. I know that by taking part in your work shop I have turned my life around in a very positive way, so once again thank you very much Patricia for all your hard work and your dedication to others. I look forward to another workshop in the future. Thanks again and God bless!

    Birgitt Tomkins

  • Patricia,

    As you know I attended a two day course held at Rushcliffe Park just over two weeks ago, and for anyone not knowing me as a busy working mum running a business with my husband and two children this was not easy to take time out for myself. But for some reason I was determined to go. So I approached with an open mind and no expectations and thought what do I have to loose! At the time our business had been in financial trouble for many months, I did not know how on earth we were going to make our next VAT payment which was due a week later, we had a family holiday booked for a fortnight later with no idea how I was going to find spending money! But off I went driving for an hour and a half to get there (normally my husband drives).

    When I arrived I was greeted by the other people arriving, all of us having no idea what to expect but I felt very at ease, everyone was so friendly. By the end of the first day I was exhausted and as I made the journey back home with a thumping headache I thought I must be mad. When I arrived home I had food to prepare, children and myself to get ready to go to a friends 50th birthday party! It was only as we arrived at the party that I thought to myself, not only had my headache cleared, the usual fraught task of getting everyone out of the door, scrubbed and presentable had been quite painless with none of the usual arguments (with a pre-teenage daughter and a five year old!). Now, I am a friendly person but put in certain situations I can feel a little tongue tied or uncomfortable and this party had at least a hundred people there, but the evening went like a dream. I was relaxed and at ease with myself, I didn’t have a drink because I had homework to do when I got back and an early start the next day, for the second day. I even joked about some of the homework I had to do which normally I would not have mentioned as anyone not on the same wavelength would have thought I had lost the plot! And when someone’s husband started to make fun about it and was hushed by his wife, I calmly said “It’s fine honestly – if I couldn’t take it I wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place”. This was unusual for me to feel that confident in those circumstances.

    When we all arrived home about 10 pm I then had several pieces of homework that I really thought I was going to struggle with, especially after a very busy day, but it went very well and at one point when I was stuck I just looked up and said ‘you’re going to have help me with this one because I’m struggling’. Not really expecting anything, I made myself a coffee and picked up my pen and wrote something that I was very proud of! It was one o’clock in the morning when I finished but I got up ready for the second day, and arrived early! – I am not known for good time keeping either.

    The second day I almost fell asleep at one point. I found it very interesting with some of the discussions I understood and some I disagreed with but at the end of the day thought I have no expectations, no black and white answers to my problems but I knew I had thoroughly enjoyed stretching and opening my mind and met some lovely people.

    Now I know this letter is long but I feel so strongly about the visible changes in my life in only a few weeks, I just had to put pen to paper . When I went to work on the following morning I was ‘buzzing’. I felt so dam good I thought I don’t want anything or anybody to change how I feel at this moment, now I am surrounded by a lot of stress and negativity but I didn’t know why or how but I felt different and as each day has passed the changes have been incredible. It is difficult to put into words how much my attitudes have changed and found myself wanting to share how positive I felt with others, but not only that I have seen actual visible changes. For one, I am at this moment in time sat in an apartment in Spain on our family holiday having the most fantastic holiday we have ever had – we found the spending money! We had just found out before we were due to fly that all the security at the airports had been stepped up because of terrorism. I had friends calling me worried about our holiday and I was as calm as a cucumber, and our plane left with no delays. When we arrived the car we had hired was not ready and we spent an hour and a half sorting it out, then our apartment wasn’t ready. When we arrived and my daughter’s new mobile phone went into the washing machine after a friend spilled a glass of red wine over both of us and we popped our white clothes straight into the washing machine. But you know what! None of it fazed me. What did it matter, we were on holiday together, and it is wonderful. Both my husband and myself have started to relax and after spending two days by the pool with the children. The phone started with problems from work, machine breakdowns, suppliers won’t deliver because we haven’t paid and it all started to close in on us again but then tonight I rang the lady who works for us to say thank you because it’s usually me that deals with all this, not her, and she told me that a customer was paying us that I had not expected which will mean with a few phone calls tomorrow we can pay the suppliers that are shouting and enjoy the rest of our holiday! We also managed to pay the VAT on time before we left, and although we are not suddenly out of financial trouble there is a glimmer of hope, with more orders coming in every day and there have been very personal rewards so as you can see this is why this letter had to be so long.

    I cannot thank you enough for the changes that have happened so far, and for anyone thinking about attending your course – don’t hesitate – I can strongly recommend it. I would never have believed in a million years what I have experienced in just a short space of time could have happened in my life, and I am not talking just about being able to meet financial responsibilities, it’s far more valuable than that. It’s a feeling of contentment and happiness inside, don’t get me wrong there is no magic switch that flits on and suddenly you have no worries and everything in your life will be perfect. But it’s a start to a whole new approach to life and it’s one I am very pleased that I made.

    For anyone else reading this would think that you have paid me to write this or I am some sort of weirdo, I can assure you I am not, and I could not put a value on what this has done for me and my loved ones, for that I am eternally grateful, for you Patricia are one very special lady.

    Love and Light always my friend.

    Jane, in Spain

  • Dear Patricia,

    More thank yous for that marvellous workshop weekend and for all your hard work that made it possible. Never a dull moment! So many different subjects and activities. So many question answered – some before they were asked. So much work on for the future. And those beautiful crystals – I shall treasure the one’s that came to me – and Patricia – for me, you are the Brightest Crystal in the Box.

    Looking forward to another workshop one day.

    Elaine, Plymouth

  • Dear Patricia,

    Thank you very much for such an inspiring weekend. I was exhausted both evenings but mainly because my head was buzzing with a totally different outlook and I was glowing (and still am) like an oven.  I woke this morning and felt a newer energy. So I said “I attract abundance into my life!”.  I did the visualisations and then suddenly I remembered your friend Peter asking me if I wrote words for commitment ceremonies. Do you remember that I mentioned my website and that the energies had been lost?  Then I remembered a publisher in Glastonbury that I had contacted with a novel I had written that came to nothing. So I just sat down and wrote to her about my compilations of words and poetry. I didn’t need to pluck up courage like I normally would have done I just did it amid the ‘glows’. It felt right and yet I’d never thought of it before! (They have been sitting around for a couple of years.) Talk about synchronicity!!!

    So I have made a start towards acquiring my ‘big house and car’. I often wonder if my humour is a little too off beat! Its just me…  Even if it were to be rejected it wouldn’t matter now. I’ve made a new start and that is because of my Altered Attitude.

    So, back to the weekend.  It really moved me up a few notches and I sincerely hope that it did for everyone else that I enjoyed meeting there.  I think we all needed to realise that it is up to ourselves, how we face up to things and not to hide behind our conditioning.

    So thank you once again.

    One day I walked into the house and these words came into my head. So I quickly wrote them down and that is how I started to ‘do’ the book. I would like to share them with you:

    Every ripple on the water lets you know that I am near
    Every raindrop gently falling lets you know I shed a tear
    Sometimes in the night you’ll hear me, my voice riding on the wind
    Though you may not ever see me, my love light has never dimmed

    When you see the flowers blooming, soft scents filling evening air
    Comes a gentle breeze that’s cooling, think of me and I’ll be there
    On a clear and inky blue sky, one bright star outshines the rest
    Think of me and I will sparkle to let you know that I am blessed

    Peter, Nottingham

  • Dear Patricia

    I am writing to thank you for the wisdom, guidance and awareness which you gave to me during your workshop last weekend. I can’t say that I enjoyed it! as I found it hard work. After all, changing my attitudes and mind set can never be easy and I did feel rather “uptight” about personal issues. However, the whole experience was so very powerful and meaningful in very many ways that I shall remember it as a turning point in my life. I feel that it was meant to happen as I only contacted you at the last minute, virtually. It was especially good to meet Jane and Peter. I felt I had an affinity with them (perhaps it was a liking for cigarettes!). I shall be in touch with them both. There have already been some ‘difficult’ but positive developments re family issues. These will be ongoing for some time, but I do feel more positive and lighter in mood. I know that I also need to give attention to negative personal habits. My fluorite pendulum is now working with me and I nurse and care for my selenite ball, l and talk to ball! I have actually bought some yarn for knitting a scarf. I realise that you will groan and tell me to get out more but the fact that I feel calm enough to think about knitting is progress for me. Anyway, the colours are pink, green, yellow and mauve – so bright, cheerful and positive energy colours. I will try harder to get out more! But I love colours, and I really enjoy creating/making beautiful things. Maybe that’s my passion. But I realise it’s too solitary.

    I do thank you for your advice and inspiration – Until we meet again.

    Jill, Derby


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